Introduction Of Led Street Light Factory Application

  •       The 400w Led Flood light copper wire or flexible printed circuit board has poor toughness, which causes the LED engineering light strip to break when it is bent, and also affects the service life of the LED engineering light strip. Power factor, LED technology lights are usually powered by a constant voltage power supply (DC switching power supply). If the power supply output is unstable or there is no overvoltage protection, if the external power supply voltage fluctuates, it will output unstable voltage and current.


           If you want to determine the size of the heat sink, you should use the same luminous efficiency for calculation. Generally speaking, with the current optical efficiency of 100lm/W, the actual electro-optical efficiency (that is, the efficiency of converting electrical energy into light energy) is only about 30%, that is, only 30% of electrical energy is converted into light energy, and the remaining 70% Electric energy is converted into heat and must be distributed through a radiator. For 1W high-voltage LEDs and ordinary low-voltage LEDs with the same light efficiency, the heat-generating part is 0.7W, which must be cooled by a cooler. Therefore, under the same input power and driving power efficiency, there is no difference in the size of the heat sink required for this high-voltage LED.


           LED strips usually have a high voltage of 220 volts, so it is covered with thick flame-retardant rubber. Wires and circuit boards are usually made of copper. The LED beads of the Led Street Light Factory are confirmed to be free of lead. For safety reasons, the service life of LED high-pressure lamps must not be inferior, because they are cheap, which may pose a safety hazard! Of course, you will find that high-quality products and reasonable prices are not without problems, but this opportunity is not everywhere! Since high-quality LED technology lights entered the market, there has been a broad market.