Animal Crossing New Horizons: Fishing Tourney

  • Yes, the fishing competition is here. April 10 is the date of the fishing contest in the southern and northern hemispheres. The cute blue-eyed beaver CJ will host this fifth fishing competition for you. For ACNH fans, this is an event worth participating in. Participating in the competition, receiving medals, and Nook Miles Tickets and ACNH Items awards is something to be proud of.

    The tournament in New Horizons takes a different approach from the past Animal Crossing Fishing Tourney events. Previously, the scale and variety of fish you catch will be factored into the number of points you'd earn; Each and every fish you catch may be worth one point, and you'll get an added bonus of two points when you catch in excess of three fish in each three-minute fishing session you enter into.

    Older games inside the series would also help you compete with the residents within your island for prizes and trophies; that is no longer true in ACNH, where you're only playing to provide points in your own score.

    You don't really need to worry about inventory space while fishing, as with any fish, are automatically teleported back in C.J.'s cooler once caught.

    At the final of each session, points will likely be counted up and added for your running tally for the entire day, in addition to any points you may have carried over from previous fishing tourneys in ACNH.

    There may also be trophies. Getting the trophies will depend on your cumulative points total throughout the entire day in fishing, together with any points you've earned in past fishing tourneys (including ones you've already traded looking for prizes). The Bronze, Silver, and Gold fishing will unlock whenever you earn a good total of 100, 200, and 300 points respectively.

    As well because trophies, the points you get can be traded for special unique fishing tourney prizes. There are 13 prizes altogether, every item costs ten points; so unless you're able to catch a huge selection of fish, the payday advance is able to get them all in one day. Prizes are chosen randomly, but CJ usually gives you the full set before relying on duplicates – so should you've got your heart set with a particular item, it's worth being persistent.

    On the surface of that, C.J. will give you to buy any fish you catch – and he'll purchase for them at a little over the going rate for fish prices at Nook's Cranny.

    The rewards are various fish-themed items, among which I am most looking forward to Marine Pop Wallpaper and Fish-Print Tee. If you might want to miss this game because of other things, Buy Animal Crossing Bells will be able to help you get what you want.