The market prospect of bagasse tableware is broad


    Increased consumer awareness of biodegradable products is one of the main factors driving the development of global bagasse tableware products. Use bagasse instead of plastic as a raw material for the production of disposable tableware.

    The sturdy design, easy-to-clean and shiny appearance is also upgrading the bagasse tableware product market compared to alternatives such as cardboard. Recyclability and lightweight are other factors driving market development. Bagasse tableware products are stronger than plastic plates, making the market more attractive. Since bagasse tableware products provide more profit margins, this makes them more preferred than the cardboard that drives the market. However, compared with plastic boards, bagasse tableware products are more expensive.

    With the continuous technological innovation of science and technology and the upgrading of R&D and production equipment, Zhejiang Pando EP Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to once again injecting a booster for the global plastic reduction and replacement process.

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