Analyze the performance of plastic-free paper cups


    As people's awareness of environmental protection has increased, in the face of plastic waste that is increasingly threatening the ecological environment, “plastic bans” have been launched around the world. The EU proposal requires that the production and sale of disposable plastic products, such as disposable plastic tableware and straws, be banned within the EU from 2021.

    Plastic-free coated paper cup paper is the uniform coating of liquid coating on the surface of the paper cup base paper through various coating processes. After heating and drying, a coating film is formed on the paper surface to meet the requirements of the paper cup paper. In comparison, non-plastic coated paper cup paper should have the following properties:

    1. While meeting the safety and sanitation index requirements of food contact articles, it can be degraded by itself after a period of disposal, so as to achieve the goals of green, ecological and environmental protection.

    2. It has excellent barrier and impermeability properties for various drinks, including hot and cold drinks, such as milk tea, tea, Coca-Cola, acid coffee, fruit juice, and even storage of various alcoholic products.

    3. In order to make use of the existing cup-making equipment and ensure the good formability of the paper cup, the plastic-free coating should have good heat-sealability, that is, the plastic-free coating film and the coated plastic film have similar hot melt properties, and the coating film After surface tension is improved, it has better printing adaptability.

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