What material can we use to replace plastic straws?


    Due to the ban on plastics promulgated in January 2021, the sales of compostable PLA Straws, paper straws and other alternatives have skyrocketed. Due to rising demand, the purchase price of polylactic acid, which is the raw material for biodegradable polylactic acid straws, has risen rapidly all the way.

    The gradual replacement of plastic straws is only part of a comprehensive ban on plastics. Nowadays, the industry is constantly looking for more solutions for plastic products, and the alternative categories also cover paper straws, paper packaging boxes, paper lunch boxes, and so on.

    In fact, among the overall plastic products in China, the output of plastic straws only accounts for 0.036% of the total output. However, one of the reasons why the replacement of plastic straws is listed as the first step of the plastic restriction order is the attention of plastic straws. And the frequency of use is relatively high. The annual per capita use of plastic straws in China exceeds 30. Banning plastic straws has obvious market education effects for consumers and enterprises.

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