Potential safety hazards of paper cups


    In the past, wax-coated paper cups were used more often than disposable paper cups, which were soaked in wax. They can only be used for cold drinks, not only things because oil can dissolve wax. Wax will melt at about 40 ℃, and wax contains carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

    Nowadays, paper-plastic cups are commonly used, with a layer of paper on the outside and a layer of coated paper on the inside, which is an inner polyethylene plastic film. Although the outer layer is paper, the inner layer of plastic film is in contact with the food. Therefore, whether this kind of cup is defined as a disposable paper cup or a plastic cup is controversial.

    There is also controversy about the hidden sanitary hazards of the outer paper of the paper cup. If paper cups are prevented from being in a humid environment, mold will form. If paper cups are superimposed on each other, mold on the outside will inevitably contaminate the inside. When using paper cups, be sure to check whether it becomes damp or moldy. Secondly, the ink printed on the outer layer has a strong irritating smell, which is generally the smell of the ink. The smell is probably not up to standard.

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