Animal Crossing: The Best and Worst Data Game Showcase

  • Affected by the special external environment in 2021, the Animal Crossing series of games will become popular in 2021. The latest entries in the series have attracted countless newcomers and have greatly exceeded the sales of all other animal crossing games.

    Recently, some players have made amazing data, that is, the best and best data comparison table of Animal Crossing. The data from the ACBellsBuy store is also shown, and players can buy ACNH Bells as part of the data. Some new fans may not know. The Animal Crossing series may have a long history, dating back to 2001, and won 8 championships. This was the most glorious history.

    So from 2001 to 2021, from the 8 games released, which type is the best? Which title is known for being the best animal crossing game? The animal crossing game has been praised by long-term players for its excellent quality.

    Animal Crossing series game New Leaf has upgradeable stores and buildings and is more personalized than other series. Buy Animal Crossing Bells, a villager on the island is one way to complete a bold idea. Xinye has taken a crucial first step in this series of games. New Leaf has made significant progress in allowing participants to control things. The first is to make them the mayors of these towns, not the citizens.

    The sequel of New Leaf may provide players with more customization options, and this personality has also continued to the villagers of New Leaf. Since the villagers of New Horizons are visually interesting, their dialogues and personalities seem to be dilute versions of their predecessors. For the time being, New Leaf is still the pinnacle of the series.