Introduce The Raw Materials Of Double Wall Paper Cup

  • I believe that everyone knows what the paper cup is and what it does is also very clear. However, ordinary paper cups do not have the function of anti-scalding and heat insulation, but the Double wall paper cup has the function of anti-scalding and heat insulation. The double wall paper cup is relatively mature in China. The double wall paper cup is in a vacuum state, but the heat preservation effect will be better than that of ordinary paper cups.

    The double wall paper cup is made by extruding and compounding paper cup base paper and plastic resin particles, and the plastic resin generally uses PE resin. The main component of a double wall paper cup is a plant fiber, and its production process is generally to use plant fibers such as coniferous wood and hardwood to make pulp, pulp, refine, add chemical auxiliary materials, and screen, and then make it with a paper machine. The general raw materials of double wall paper cups are food-grade wood pulp paper + food-grade PE film. The original pulp of food-grade wood pulp paper is wood. When making double wall paper cups, to avoid paper jams and wrinkles during the production process, and to prevent the deformation of the paper cup after forming, the paper cup base paper is required to have high stiffness and good flatness. In the printing process, the density, and thickness should be moderate, and easy to process and shape.

    Of course, the raw materials of the Single wall paper cup are also these, but the heat preservation and heat insulation effect will be relatively weaker.