Introduce The Problems Of Single Wall Paper Cup

  • We often use the Single wall paper cup or other types of paper cups when we need to drink water when we have something outside. You may think this is "hygienic", but you don't know that some inferior paper cups use fluorescent bleach or recycled polyethylene illegally, or because the process materials are not good enough, they will release a lot of harmful compounds when pouring hot water.

    Everyone knows the advantages of paper cups, and paper cups can be regarded as a practical item that every family will prepare. Although paper cups do have many advantages, we cannot deny that paper cups still have many problems.

    What is more worrying is that some inferior paper cups use recycled polyethylene, which will undergo cracking changes during the reprocessing process and produce many harmful compounds, which are more likely to migrate into the water during use. The state has banned the use of recycled polyethylene for food packaging, but because recycled polyethylene is cheap, some small factories still use it in violation of regulations to save costs.

    However, the above-mentioned situation will only happen to a small number of manufacturers, and the quality of products such as the Double wall paper cup of most manufacturers is guaranteed.