Introduce Materials Of Disposable Wooden Tableware

  • We usually choose to eat fast food for convenience, so the possibility of using disposable wooden tableware is very high. But different woods have different qualities.

    Bamboo and wood tableware: It is easy to obtain materials and has no toxic effects of chemical substances, but their weakness is that they are more likely to be contaminated and moldy than other tableware, but they should be kept dry, otherwise they are easy to mold, especially in the south, especially in the rainy and humid season. Be careful to keep it in a ventilated place after washing. Painted bamboo and wood tableware are harmful to the human body.Oak wooden tableware: It has always been the preferred material for furniture, with smooth surface texture and elegant color. Wine is often stored in oak barrels. The special fragrance and lightweight feel make the project also become tableware, especially the dishes. Material washed oak tableware should be placed in a dry place, wait until the water in the tableware evaporates and let it dry before storing.Mahogany wooden tableware: It is the traditional high-end tableware of our country. The lines are beautiful and smooth, and the wood grain is clear and beautiful. It must be rinsed several times with distilled water to avoid the influence of the acid, alkali, and other ingredients of the detergent itself on the mahogany tableware.Pinewood tableware: It has natural antiseptic properties. The production of tableware can prevent food from spoiling. The unique pine fragrance can also bring a unique feeling to food. Do not use too hard a cleaning cloth to clean pine tableware, so as not to damage the smooth surface of pine.

    The quality of disposable paper bowl is the same, and the material is very important.