Specification For Single Wall Paper Cup

  • When we want to drink water outside, it is usually more inconvenient to stay in the water cup, but with the Single wall paper cup , it will be much more convenient for us.

    Paper cups can bring us a lot of conveniences, but some inferior paper cups use recycled polyethylene, which will crack and change during the reprocessing process, producing many harmful compounds, which are easier to migrate into the water during use. The state has banned the use of recycled polyethylene for food packaging, but due to the low price of recycled polyethylene, some small factories still use it in violation of regulations to save costs. Therefore, paper cups have also been standardized, and the raw materials, additives, packaging, printing, and other aspects of paper cups have put forward requirements higher than industry standards. For example, there are strict regulations on the printing position of the mouth and bottom of the paper cup: "No printing is allowed within 15 mm from the cup body, and the bottom of the cup is within 10 mm from the cup body." The ink printed on the outer packaging of the paper cup improves the safety of the paper cup.

    Therefore, the paper cups of the current Double wall paper cup have a certain degree of protection.